Floating over Sri Lanka in a Balloon: A Precious Sight!

Floating over Sri Lanka in a Balloon: A Precious Sight!

When my friends decided to go on their next adventure to Sri Lanka, I was a little sceptical. But when they mentioned the hot air balloon ride at Galle, I was sold! We finally found ourselves a MakeMyTrip package that was just the right mix of thrill and leisure.  

With its perfect blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication, Sri Lanka steals your heart away the moment you set foot at the airport.


A New and Exciting Way to Experience Sri Lanka

Hot Air Ballooning may be new to Sri Lanka, but has quickly gained popularity for its ability to provide an enchanting experience, and stunning. And the best part is that every flight path is different and unique.

The hot air balloons used for the activity are all manufactured in UK and the pilots have been trained by the Civil Aviation Authority in Sri Lanka to ensure highest standards of safety for tourists and enthusiasts. Our pilot duly informed us about the entire procedure.

Once atop our colour air balloon, we felt smitten by every sight and landscape we crossed. There was something genuinely ethereal about floating up in the skies and watching the mesmerising landscapes unfolding before our eyes.

Whether it was the forest canopy we flew over where the chirping of the birds provided an ideal background score, or human settlements with houses and vehicles down below, the views were something out of a storybook.

We captured our experience in hundreds of pictures, and now when we look back at them, a part of us still yearns to go back to Sri Lanka. Until next time, Sri Lanka you’re etched beautifully in my memory.

Package I booked: Galle – Hot Air Ballooning Special

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